Taking a traveller-centric perspective, this deliverable presents four scenarios and seven future European traveller archetypes by 2040. Download it from https://bit.ly/3oXLMlT.

Each scenario focuses on specific aspects envisaged for the future which have the potential to significantly change the transport system as we see it today. They are developed and presented with the related characteristics:

  1. Pre-pandemic recovery (baseline)
  2. European short-haul shift
  3. Growth with strong technological support
  4. Decentralised, remote and digital

Additionally, the deliverable discusses connectivity, performance and intermodal indicators, reviewing the states of the art for each of these and setting the Modus context. These indicator categories are not mutually exclusive, but the section divisions present a practical approach to focusing on these specific types of measurement. The differences between air and rail metrics, and the associated regulatory contexts, is also discussed.

Finally, the deliverable elaborates on the interactions of the results within the other work packages in the Modus project.

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